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 Beirut Int'l airport has tighter noise regs than IAH?

stretchWell, that's not 100% accurate - IAH is actually one of the few airports in the world - and the only metropolitan airport on the planet - with no noise regulation whatsoever.
 As a pilot, being able to fly 20-mile straight-in approaches is something you only get to dream of - at least in anything bigger than a Cessna. At houston, "heavy iron" is encouraged to drop their gear (figuratively, one hopes!) 1,900 feet over the rooftops of densely populated areas 20 miles away, in a different congressional district no less!
 Rep. McCaul

stretchMight it be worthwhile adding congressional Rep. McCaul to the "contacts" page? His district starts about 10 miles out from IAH, and thousands of his constituents are affected by high-volume commercial/frieght flights. Even more will be affected when the capacity of IAH is increased.
 Locals who value the "small airport" atmosphere, and easy access of DWH may also want to take note, since the big guys - COAIR, AA, SWA, are not known to place a high value on preserving light aircraft operations that are only a couple hundred feet under the most-used approach for a major airport.
 While some of us might find the occasional putter of a Cessna 152 to be a pleasant, almost rural sound (and the growl of a Beech Baron to arouse feelings of envy), the cost savings of eliminating even one or two incursion-related balked approaches a year would easily justify limiting access to an airport they're not really interested in.
 His page is at http://www.house.gov/mccaul/
 Great Site Idea...

NYNoiseHi to everyone. First off I want to congratulate you on organizing and creating such an astonishing web page for your cause. My name is Gerald Schultz and I am a resident of NY city.
 I have a similar problem and I was wondering if your webmaster could help me setup a web page like this myself. The web page won't be identical because my problem is a little different. The subway here is getting very loud. It wasn't this way until I moved into this new apartment about 2 years ago.
 I'm not sure if the airplanes shake your homes, but here, whenever one goes by, it feels like an earthquake. Well, I honestly don't know what an earthquake feels like but I can imagine that this would be a small one. Pictures on my wall used to fall down. I've since come up with a way to keep them secured. (duct tape, nails, and epoxy) I once even had a bottle of wine fall off my end table soiling my beige rug. I'm so lucky I kept the plastic on the couch or it would have been ruined as well.
 For the past couple years I have taken it in stride, but like yourselves, I have decided that I have had enough! I will no longer sit here and let the city take advantage of me!
 So I ask you, how do I get a web page like this? I think your name is good, so I was thinking "subwaynoise.com" is the perfect name for my cause. I just do not know how to make my computer have this name so all my neighbors can visit it on all the intranets and sign my petition.
 I have the names of all the officials (up to the president like you did, nice touch!) but I do not know how to get their intranet name. I can do this.
 So please help a fellow american fight the noise! No one should have to tollerate this abuse.
 I also need help as I know I will be asked the question 'why did you move close to the subway'. I know that is not the point, but I do need help knowing how to answer questions like this too.
 Thank you and I wish you the best of luck to your website and cause. Thanks for the inspiration.
 Gerald Schultz
 Hooks airport in Spring, TX

freedomloverIs it true that, while Hooks airport has been there for over 40 years, home sites didn't start springing up around the airport until about 5 years ago?
 Did homeowners not realize there was an airport there when they moved in?
 It's like buying a house near a landfill and complaining about the smell, or like buying a beach house and complaining that the salt spray corrodes everything.